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AML Policy

Money laundering – the activity with a goal of converting illegaly received funds with fraud, corruption, terrorism, etc. origin into other funds or investments that look like legitimate obtained to hide or distort the real source of funds.

In order to confront funds inflow from criminal activities and to prevent terrorist activities, the countries engage in the fight against money laundering. Financial organizations are one of the easiest ways to legalize criminal proceeds. This is due to the openness and financial markets accessibility, as well as the freedom of capital movement within them. Therefore LuckyTrading company uses laws and programs to counteract money laundering and financing of terrorist activities.

  1. LuckyTrading company fully verifies the Client identity as well as all of Client’s transactions and documents this information.
  2. LuckyTrading company tracks suspicious transactions and customers’ trades. LuckyTrading actions based on FATF recommendations.
  3. LuckyTrading under any circumstances does not accept and will not pay the money in cash.
  4. LuckyTrading Company reserves the right to refuse any transaction at any stage, if, according to the Company, operation can be linked to money laundering or criminal activity. In accordance with international law LuckyTrading company is not obliged to inform the client that its activities were notified to the relevant authorities as a suspicious activity.

LuckyTrading is committed to regularly update its electronic system for verification of client identification records and for inspection of suspicious transactions in compliance with all relevant legal regulations.

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