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Trading in financial markets is associated with a high level of risk. The Client acknowledges that its decisions and actions can lead to its personal financial losses associated with these risks. This Warning describes the most common types of risks, but it can not disclose all information about all potential risks due to their diversity.

1. The risks of using margin trading

When making trading operations on margin trading conditions, a relatively small change in the exchange rate can bring both significant profit and losses. When the market moves against the Customer’s position, it may lose all funds deposited to the account. The client is fully responsible for the use of its financial resources, the chosen trading strategy and must take into account all the risks associated with the use of leverage.

2.  Technical risks

The client assumes the risks of financial losses due to faults in information,
communication, electronic and other systems. The customer assumes the risks of financial losses that may arise due to failures in hardware, software and poor quality of communication on the Client’s side. Customer is responsible for
the financial losses incurred due to ignorance of the instructions described in the “User’s Guide” of the Client’s trading terminal.

3. Communication Risks

The Client assumes the risks associated with unauthorized access to the information sent by the Customer (via e-mail or instant messaging), if it is transmitted in an unencrypted form. The Client assumes the risks of financial losses arising as a result of the delay or failure of the Customer to receive messages from the Company.
The Customer is fully responsible for the safety of the confidential information received from the Company and assumes the risks of financial losses caused by unauthorized access to the trading account by third parties.

4. Force Majeure

The Company is not responsible for the actions of third parties that may influence the relationship between the Company and the Customer.
The client assumes the risks of financial losses caused by force majeure circumstances: military actions, terrorist acts, natural disasters, suspension of trading in financial markets, a sharp decrease in liquidity due to
instability in financial markets, foreign exchange interventions, changes in the
legislation, changing conditions of counterparties, etc. The Company shall not be liable to the Customer for any actions or omissions by third parties, as well as losses incurred by the Client as a result of any actions or omissions by third parties. The Company is also not responsible for adverse consequences for the Client due to insolvency and / or bankruptcy of third parties.

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